Changelog - 2017


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19.7.1 / 2017/03/21

  • fix: continue if SO_REUSEPORT seems to be available but fails (issue 1480)
  • fix: support non-decimal values for the umask command line option (issue 1325)

19.7.0 / 2017/03/01

  • The previously deprecated gunicorn_django command has been removed. Use the gunicorn command-line interface instead.
  • The previously deprecated django_settings setting has been removed. Use the raw_env setting instead.
  • The default value of ssl_version has been changed from ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1 to ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv23.
  • fix: initialize the group access list when initgroups is set (issue 1297)
  • add environment variables to gunicorn access log format (issue 1291)
  • add –paste-global-conf option (issue 1304)
  • fix: print access logs to STDOUT (issue 1184)
  • remove upper limit on max header size config (issue 1313)
  • fix: print original exception on AppImportError (issue 1334)
  • use SO_REUSEPORT if available (issue 1344)
  • fix leak of duplicate file descriptor for bound sockets.
  • add –reload-engine option, support inotify and other backends (issue 1368, issue 1459)
  • fix: reject request with invalid HTTP versions
  • add child_exit callback (issue 1394)
  • add support for eventlets _AlreadyHandled object (issue 1406)
  • format boot tracebacks properly with reloader (issue 1408)
  • refactor socket activation and fd inheritance for better support of SystemD (issue 1310)
  • fix: o fds are given by default in gunicorn (issue 1423)
  • add ability to pass settings to GUNICORN_CMD_ARGS environment variable which helps in container world (issue 1385)
  • fix: catch access denied to pid file (issue 1091)
  • many additions and improvements to the documentation

Breaking Change

  • Python 2.6.0 is the last supported version