Changelog - 2015


Please see Changelog for the latest changes.

19.4.3 / 2015/12/30

  • fix: don’t check if a file is writable using os.stat with SELINUX (issue 1171)

19.4.2 / 2015/12/29


  • improvement: handle HaltServer in manage_workers (issue 1095)
  • fix: Do not rely on sendfile sending requested count (issue 1155)
  • fix: claridy –no-sendfile default (issue 1156)
  • fix: LoggingCatch sendfile failure from no file descriptor (issue 1160)


  • fix: Always send access log to syslog if syslog is on
  • fix: check auth before trying to own a file (issue 1157)


  • fix: Fix Slowloris broken link. (issue 1142)
  • Tweak markup in faq.rst


19.4.1 / 2015/11/25

19.4.0 / 2015/11/20


  • fix: make sure that a user is able to access to the logs after dropping a privilege (issue 1116)
  • improvement: inherit the Exception class where it needs to be (issue 997)
  • fix: make sure headers are always encoded as latin1 RFC 2616 (issue 1102)
  • improvement: reduce arbiter noise (issue 1078)
  • fix: don’t close the unix socket when the worker exit (issue 1088)
  • improvement: Make last logged worker count an explicit instance var (issue 1078)
  • improvement: prefix config file with its type (issue 836)
  • improvement: pidfile handing (issue 1042)
  • fix: catch OSError as well as ValueError on race condition (issue 1052)
  • improve support of ipv6 by backporting urlparse.urlsplit from Python 2.7 to Python 2.6.
  • fix: raise InvalidRequestLine when the line contains malicious data (issue 1023)
  • fix: fix argument to disable sendfile
  • fix: add gthread to the list of supported workers (issue 1011)
  • improvement: retry socket binding up to five times upon EADDRNOTAVAIL (issue 1004)
  • breaking change: only honor headers that can be encoded in ascii to comply to the RFC 7230 (See issue 1151).


  • add new parameters to access log (issue 1132)
  • fix: make sure that files handles are correctly reopened on HUP (issue 627)
  • include request URL in error message (issue 1071)
  • get username in access logs (issue 1069)
  • fix statsd logging support on Python 3 (issue 1010)


  • use last version of mock.
  • many fixes in Travis CI support
  • miscellaneous improvements in tests

Thread worker

  • fix: Fix usage in ThreadedWorker so that auto restart works as expected (issue 1031)

Gevent worker

Tornado worker

AIOHttp worker


  • fix link to proc name setting (issue 1144)
  • fix worker class documentation (issue 1141, issue 1104)
  • clarify graceful timeout documentation (issue 1137)
  • don’t duplicate NGINX config files examples (issue 1050, issue 1048)
  • add framework example (issue 1117)
  • update Debian/Ubuntu installations instructions (issue 1112)
  • clarify pythonpath setting description (issue 1080)
  • tweak some example for python3
  • clarify sendfile documentation
  • miscellaneous typos in source code comments (thanks!)
  • clarify why REMOTE_ADD may not be the user’s IP address (issue 1037)


  • fix: reloader should survive SyntaxError (issue 994)
  • fix: expose the reloader class to the worker.

19.3.0 / 2015/03/06


  • fix: issue 978 make sure a listener is inheritable
  • add check_config class method to workers
  • fix: issue 983 fix select timeout in sync worker with multiple connections
  • allows workers to access to the reloader. close issue 984
  • raise TypeError instead of AssertionError


  • make Logger.loglevel a class attribute


  • fix: issue 988 fix syntax errors in examples/gunicorn_rc

19.2.1 / 2015/02/4


  • expose loglevel in the Logger class

AsyncIO worker (gaiohttp)


  • document security mailing-list in the contributing page.

19.2 / 2015/01/30


  • optimize the sync workers when listening on a single interface
  • add –sendfile settings to enable/disable sendfile. fix issue 856 .
  • add the selectors module to the code base. issue 886
  • add –max-requests-jitter setting to set the maximum jitter to add to the max-requests setting.
  • fix issue 899 propagate proxy_protocol_info to keep-alive requests
  • fix issue 863 worker timeout: dynamic timeout has been removed
  • fix: Avoid world writable file


  • fix issue 941 set logconfig default to paster more trivially
  • add statsd-prefix config setting: set the prefix to use when emitting statsd metrics
  • issue 832 log to console by default

Thread Worker

  • fix issue 908 make sure the worker can continue to accept requests

Eventlet Worker

  • fix issue 867 Fix eventlet shutdown to actively shut down the workers.


Many improvements and fixes have been done, see the detailed changelog for more information.