Changelog - 2020


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  • document WEB_CONCURRENCY is set by, at least, Heroku
  • capture peername from accept: Avoid calls to getpeername by capturing the peer name returned by

accept - log a warning when a worker was terminated due to a signal - fix tornado usage with latest versions of Django - add support for python -m gunicorn - fix systemd socket activation example - allows to set wsgi application in configg file using wsgi_app - document –timeout = 0 - always close a connection when the number of requests exceeds the max requests - Disable keepalive during graceful shutdown - kill tasks in the gthread workers during upgrade - fix latency in gevent worker when accepting new requests - fix file watcher: handle errors when new worker reboot and ensure the list of files is kept - document the default name and path of the configuration file - document how variable impact configuration - document the $PORT environment variable - added milliseconds option to request_time in access_log - added PIP requirements to be used for example - remove version from the Server header - fix sendfile: use socket.sendfile instead of os.sendfile - reloader: use absolute path to prevent empty to prevent0 InotifyError when a file

is added to the working directory
  • Add –print-config option to print the resolved settings at startup.
  • remove the –log-dict-config CLI flag because it never had a working format (the logconfig_dict setting in configuration files continues to work)

** Breaking changes **

  • minimum version is Python 3.5
  • remove version from the Server header

** Documentation **

** Others **

  • miscellaneous changes in the code base to be a better citizen with Python 3
  • remove dead code
  • fix documentation generation