Changelog - 2013

R17.5 / 2013-07-03

  • new: add signals documentation
  • new: add post_worker_init hook for workers
  • new: try to use in current folder as the default config file.
  • fix graceful timeout with the Eventlet worker
  • fix: don’t raise an error when closing the socket if already closed
  • fix: fix –settings parameter for django application and try to find the django settings when using the gunicorn command.
  • fix: give the initial global_conf to paster application
  • fix: fix ‘Expect: 100-continue’ support on Python 3

0.17.4 / 2013-04-24

  • fix unix socket address parsing

0.17.3 / 2013-04-23

  • add systemd sockets support
  • add python -m support
  • improve logger class inheritance
  • exit when the config file isn’t found
  • add the -R option to enable stdio inheritance in daemon mode
  • don’t close file descriptors > 3 in daemon mode
  • improve STDOUT/STDERR logging
  • fix pythonpath option
  • fix pidfile creation on Python 3
  • fix gevent worker exit
  • fix ipv6 detection when the platform isn’t supporting it

0.17.2 / 2013-01-07

  • optimize readline
  • make imports errors more visiblle when loading an app or a logging class
  • fix tornado worker: don’t pass ssl options if there are none
  • fix PEP3333: accept only bytetrings in the response body
  • fix support on CYGWIN platforms

0.17.1 / 2013-01-05

  • add syslog facility name setting
  • fix --version command line argument
  • fix wsgi url_scheme for https

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