19.1.1 / 2014-08-16



  • fix #835: display correct pid of already running instance
  • fix : fix PyTest class in


  • fix #838: statsd logegr, send statsd timing metrics in milliseconds
  • fix #839: statsd logger, allows for empty log message while pushing metrics and restore worker number in DEBUG logs
  • fix #850: add timezonw to logging
  • fix #853: Respect logger_class setting unless statsd is on

AioHttp worker

  • fix #830 make sure gaiohttp worker is shipped with gunicorn.

19.1 / 2014-07-26



  • fix #785: handle binary type address given to a client socket address
  • fix graceful shutdown. make sure QUIT and TERMS signals are switched everywhere.
  • support loading config from module (#799)
  • fix check for file-like objects (#805)
  • fix #815 args validation in WSGIApplication.init
  • fix #787 check if we load a pyc file or not.

Tornado worker

AioHttp worker

  • fix: fetch all body in input. fix #803
  • fix: don’t install the worker if python < 3.3
  • fix #822: Support UNIX sockets in gaiohttp worker

Async worker

  • fix #790 StopIteration shouldn’t be catched at this level.


  • add statsd logging handler fix #748


  • fix #809 Set global logging configuration from a Paste config.


  • fix RuntimeError in gunicorn.reloader (#807)


19.0 / 2014-06-12

Gunicorn 19.0 is a major release with new features and fixes. This version improve a lot the usage of Gunicorn with python 3 by adding two new workers to it: gthread a fully threaded async worker using futures and gaiohttp a worker using asyncio.

Breaking Changes

Switch QUIT and TERM signals

With this change, when gunicorn receives a QUIT all the workers are killed immediately and exit and TERM is used for the graceful shutdown.

Note: the old behaviour was based on the NGINX but the new one is more correct according the following doc:

also it is complying with the way the signals are sent by heroku:


run_gunicorn, gunicorn_django and gunicorn_paster are now completely deprecated and will be removed in the next release. Use the gunicorn command instead.



  • add aiohttp worker named gaiohttp using asyncio. Full async worker on python 3.
  • fix HTTP-violating excess whitespace in write_error output
  • fix: try to log what happened in the worker after a timeout, add a worker_abort hook on SIGABRT signal.
  • fix: save listener socket name in workers so we can handle buffered keep-alive requests after the listener has closed.
  • add on_exit hook called just before exiting gunicorn.
  • add support for python 3.4
  • fix: do not swallow unexpected errors when reaping
  • fix: remove incompatible SSL option with python 2.6
  • add new async gthread worker and –threads options allows to set multiple threads to listen on connection
  • deprecate gunicorn_django and gunicorn_paster
  • switch QUIT and TERM signal
  • reap workers in SIGCHLD handler
  • add universal wheel support
  • use email.utils.formatdate in gunicorn.util.http_date
  • deprecate the –debug option
  • fix: log exceptions that occur after response start …
  • allows loading of applications from .pyc files (#693)
  • fix: issue #691, raw_env config file parsing
  • use a dynamic timeout to wait for the optimal time. (Reduce power usage)
  • fix python3 support when notifying the arbiter
  • add: honor $WEB_CONCURRENCY environment variable. Useful for heroku setups.
  • add: include tz offset in access log
  • add: include access logs in the syslog handler.
  • add –reload option for code reloading
  • add the capability to load gunicorn.base.Application without the loading of the arguments of the command line. It allows you to embed gunicorn in your own application.
  • improve: set wsgi.multithread to True for async workers
  • fix logging: make sure to redirect wsgi.errors when needed
  • add: syslog logging can now be done to a unix socket
  • fix logging: don’t try to redirect stdout/stderr to the logfile.
  • fix logging: don’t propagate log
  • improve logging: file option can be overriden by the gunicorn options –error-logfile and –access-logfile if they are given.
  • fix: dont’ override SERVER_* by the Host header
  • fix: handle_error
  • add more option to configure SSL
  • fix: sendfile with SSL
  • add: worker_int callback (to react on SIGTERM)
  • fix: don’t depend on entry point for internal classes, now absolute modules path can be given.
  • fix: Error messages are now encoded in latin1
  • fix: request line length check
  • improvement: proxy_allow_ips: Allow proxy protocol if “*” specified
  • fix: run worker’s setup method before setting num_workers
  • fix: FileWrapper inherit from object now
  • fix: Error messages are now encoded in latin1
  • fix: don’t spam the console on SIGWINCH.
  • fix: logging -don’t stringify T and D logging atoms (#621)
  • add support for the latest django version
  • deprecate run_gunicorn django option
  • fix: sys imported twice

gevent worker

  • fix: make sure to stop all listeners
  • fix: monkey patching is now done in the worker
  • fix: “global name ‘hub’ is not defined”
  • fix: reinit hub on old versions of gevent
  • support gevent 1.0
  • fix: add subprocess in monket patching
  • fix: add support for multiple listener

eventlet worker

  • fix: merge duplicate EventletWorker.init_process method (fixes #657)
  • fix: missing errno import for eventlet sendfile patch
  • fix: add support for multiple listener

tornado worker

  • add gracefull stop support

18.0 / 2013-08-26

  • new: add -e/--env command line argument to pass an environment variables to gunicorn
  • new: add --chdir command line argument to specified directory before apps loading. - new: add wsgi.file_wrapper support in async workers
  • new: add --paste command line argument to set the paster config file
  • deprecated: the command gunicorn_django is now deprecated. You should now run your application with the WSGI interface installed with your project (see for more infos.
  • deprecated: the command gunicorn_paste is deprecated. You now should use the new --paste argument to set the configuration file of your paster application.
  • fix: Removes unmatched leading quote from the beginning of the default access log format string
  • fix: null timeout
  • fix: gevent worker
  • fix: don’t reload the paster app when using pserve
  • fix: after closing for error do not keep alive the connection
  • fix: responses 1xx, 204 and 304 should not force the connection to be closed