19.2.1 / 2015/02/4



  • expose loglevel in the Logger class

AsyncIO worker (gaiohttp)


  • document security mailing-list in the contributing page.

19.2 / 2015/01/30



  • optimize the sync workers when listening on a single interface
  • add –sendfile settings to enable/disable sendfile. fix issue 856 .
  • add the selectors module to the code base. issue 886
  • fix pull request 862 add –max-requests-jitter setting to set the maximum jitter to add to the max-requests setting.
  • fix issue 899 propagate proxy_protocol_info to keep-alive requests
  • fix issue 863 worker timeout: dynamic timeout has been removed, fix a race condition error
  • fix: Avoid world writable file
  • fix issue 917: the deprecated --debug option has been removed.


  • fix issue 941 set logconfig default to paster more trivially
  • add statsd-prefix config setting: set the prefix to use when emitting statsd metrics
  • issue 832 log to console by default
  • fix issue 845: set the gunicorn loggers from the paste config

Thread Worker

  • fix issue 908 make sure the worker can continue to accept requests

Eventlet Worker

  • fix issue 867 Fix eventlet shutdown to actively shut down the workers.


Many improvements and fixes have been done, see the detailled changelog for more informations.